The WWII history nerd in me is seriously loving this.

Portraying comic book heroines and villains in a vintage style is seriously awesome, especially since many of the characters debuted during this era.

Ant Lucia, you are a genius.

(Images via Ant Lucia and DC Comics)

DC Collectibles Presents: DC Bombshells

DC Collectibles Presents: DC Cover Girls


Bruce Wayne | Jason Todd | Tim Drake | Cassandra Cain | Barbara Gordon | Damian Wayne | Dick Grayson | Helena Wayne | Stephanie Brown | Helena Bertinelli

Batfam + colours


Comic book Illustrations by Michael Lombardi / Tumblr


Birds of Prey #31 - JORGE MOLINA



Birds of Prey #31 - JORGE MOLINA



DC Meme | 9 artists (3/9)
Adam Hughes

happy International Women’s Day


For icelandiceelbecause he’s had one hell of a week. 

Gosh, I’ve been away from the fandom so long I don’t know what’s happened. I hope you’re okay, Icelandic. Much love and hugs from here!

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